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Methods with variable arguments

  • Scala methods can have variable arguments (vararg).
  • A method can be specified to have a variable number of arguments by adding a * after the type of the parameter.
  • As an example, let’s define a method that takes a variable number of arguments of type String and that returns their concatenation as String:
  • For obvious reasons, a method can only have one parameter that has variable arguments and it should be the last parameter.
scala> def concatStrings(s: String*): String = s.mkString
concatStrings: (s: String*)String

scala> concatStrings("a", "b", "c")
res0: String = abc

scala> def concatStringsSep(separator: String, s: String*): String =

scala> concatStringsSep("/", "a", "b", "c")
res1: String = a/b/c

you can pass sequence as variable length arguments to a function.

scala> val listOfStrings = List("first","second","third")
listOfStrings: List[String] = List(first, second, third)

scala> concatStrings(listOfStrings:_*)
res5: String = firstsecondthird

scala> concatStringsSep(",",listOfStrings:_*)
res6: String = first,second,third